The Change In Me

by Entitlements

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released May 31, 2015

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Christopher Vernon at Perception Studios

Mastered by Jamie Marinos and Lance Prenc at Half Moon Productions



all rights reserved


Entitlements VIC, Australia

Melodic Hardcore from Warrnambool, Victoria.

Entitlements is:

Connor Bailey
Chris Morrish
Dylan White
Cody O'Brien

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Track Name: Alone
On this blank canvas of my life
The paint will start to dry
I've spent years watching days turn into nights
And my will to fight decay

I'm sick of feeling this way
My reflection lost colour in it's complexion
But I've found an escape
So I will break away from this horrible pain
Away from the agony that comes with

Heartbreak and tears amidst my teenage years
A broken family isn't an ideal place to grow up in
I have to come to terms with the reasons I hurt and
I will forgive the ones who placed this weight on me

I've gone from feeling worthless to worthy
Thanks to you I've found a purpose and you're it

I never thought I'd ever see you leave
If I had one wish it would be for you to stay
We promised to grow old and at 60 we'd lay
On the front lawn and just look up
Though that memory still makes me smile
Knowing I'll never see yours again makes me sad sometimes
You gave me more than I could ever ask for
And now you're gone

Now you're gone I've got no motivation at all to keep moving forward
Now you're gone I'll lay on the front lawn with the porch light on alone
(Now you're gone, I am alone)

I will lay here for hours
Just like we used to
When you were above ground
Track Name: Leave Me Be (feat. Jack Nelligan)
Leave me be, I just need a little time to think
About the consequences of my actions
And it only just occured to me
I haven't been considerate toward the people surrounding me

And I beg forgiveness
I know it's clear that I have changed
It doesn't have to be seen as negative
The change in me is from the coming of age
It will continue until every last hair turns grey
Would it be fair to say
I've grown up into something you hate
Look me in the eyes and tell me why
Your opinion of me should make me change my lifestyle

Now I've let everything sink in
And put all of my effort into thinking
I have come to the conclusion
That I was making all the same mistakes you did
My age has nothing to do with this
If I was 25 you'd still treat me as a kid
That's the difference between you and me
Your time has been now it's my turn to have a say

I am my own man, I've got my own thoughts
I'm quite capabale of thinking for myself
So when you tell me to follow your rules
Dont be offended if I rebel
I've made mistakes and taken note of them
Grown up and learnt not to make the same ones again
Wisdom can only be gained through experience
I need to be given the chance to be wise

(Jack Nelligan of Hindsight)
Yeah give me the chance to try
How else will you know if I'll succeed or not
I understand there's risks in life
Help me understand why you think I can't take them on
I know I'm strong enough to make it where I need to go
This is the life I chose I'll make the most
Of my time engrossed in my youth
Track Name: A Sense of Purpose
Wake me up from this nightmare
Take my hand clench it tightly
Look at me I'm not happy here
All I need is to be a free man

And I'll do anything just to have the thoughts in my head all to myself again
Though I feel distant I know I'm not the only one that feels like this
All it takes is a little piece of mind to create a peaceful mind
So I'll remind myself it's not too late to find my happiness
Track Name: Boundaries (feat. Jack Bergin)
I will go my own way
And I'll learn from my own mistakes
So I'll experience this life first hand
I won't be sheltered by your best interest
I've got my own plans, I've got my own plans

Doing my best in this restless attempt to make you proud
It seems that plan has failed now
You dont get a say in how the current carries me
I'm 18 and naive living life for me

So I will break free from the boundaries
You've tried to place me in
Escape the narrow corridor that is
Your plans for me the dreams you did not achieve

Dont force them
Down on to me
Because I have my own dreams

I have ambitions, dont try and stop me
I did everything, I tried and I tried and I tried
To make you happy
But I let you down

So I will break free from the boundaries
You've tried to place me in
Escape the narrow corridor that is
Your plans for me the dreams you did not achieve

(Jack Bergin of Void Of Vision)
Your acceptance was all that I wanted
I never wanted the life that I'd been force fed
I can't be who you want me to be
I give up, ugh fuck
I don't know what the fuck you want from me
I give up
Track Name: Calloused Hands
There are things I've seen I can not believe
I've been led on
Just scan the scene and realise that what you see
Will be outlived

There are things I've seen

There are things I've seen that defy everything
I'd been led to believe in my younger years
The world was never innocent
And here I stand a hollow man with calloused hands and
I'm left wondering how it came to this
Was it and act of ignorance?

The sun will fall
When we are gone

The sun will fall when we are gone
We wont be here forever so we better get clever quick
And stop disrespecting all of the natural gifts that earth brings
we claim to be intelligent beings
But all I see is corruption and greed

We are the human race
And we have an obligation
To take care of the world